Rotating Trade List

  • Time to re-up my rotating trade list.

    You never know what I’ll be interested in, but some items that I’ve definitely got a fondness of:

    -Arkati Cloaks
    -High End Fluff
    -DB Items
    -Weightless Containers

    Trades are preferred for the items below, but coins will be considered for most items. Items that are strictly trade-only are in blue.

    Magic Items

    a dark turquoise cloak: Spell Knowledge 503 (use it in the Rift and the Confluence!), very large amount, 7lbs

    flawless clear glass globe: 1x/day 220

    a gold-banded alexandrite wand topped with a crescent moon: 1x/day 303/310/313

    a bright gold note: This note can be REDEEMed to increase an appropriate item’s capacity by 100 pounds up to a maximum of:

    Back and shoulder containers: 180 pounds
    Slung on shoulder containers: 80 pounds
    Torso, attached to belt, and front containers: 60 pounds

    NOTE: If your item’s capacity limit is lower than the service amount, the item is ineligible.

    Tiny and extremely tiny containers are also ineligible for use with this note.


    a hairy demon-faced pin: Unlimited candy making pins. Both are sentient and will talk to you. You can choose the color/flavor of the candy it dispenses.

    The demon-faced pin whispers, “Colors, eh? Well, I know about: red, crimson, vermillion, amber, orange, yellow, ocher, golden, green, vert, emerald, blue, cyan, navy, puce, purple, indigo, violet, coppery, brown, chocolate, ebon, black, silvery, grey, white, multihued, striped, speckled, and clear. When you see one you like, just whisper that color to me and we’ll make it so.”

    The demon-faced pin whispers, “So, vermillion candy…sure thing.”


    a golvern holy water sprinkler: +46 permablessed spikestar with holy water flares, bubble flares, T3, lesser moods, max light.

    a mist-edged ghezyte moon axe: 5x, ghezyte flares (-25 DS/-15 TD to target). Flares are a metal property, which means the script, weighting, and standard flare slots are all open. TRADE ONLY. Currently being enchanted to 6x. Only ghezyte weapon in game.


    a wing-etched spiked eonake greatshield: 6x, T5, spiked, sanctified, grobey tower shield with banshee flares. TRADE FOR AN OHB ONLY

  • Tiger-faced candy pin delivered

  • Several items now gone

  • Added a 6x, T5, spiked, sanctified, grobey tower shield with banshee flares

  • Added gnomish language band- allows you to speak, understand, and read gnomish. (Does not allow you to understand elven)

  • Added a mist-edged ghezyte moon axe: The only ghezyte weapon in game.

  • Added a few self-chargers

  • Added a SK 503 cloak

  • Bump!

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