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    Quote from GM Zoelle: IV/World Events, Festivals, and Storylines/Festival of the Fallen/view/287

    Do you own a set of Rikelle’s fantastic morphing armor? Do you think it’s as good as it can get? Well think again! Rikelle has tinkered and found a way to make a new and rare tier to her armor. What more could she make it do, you ask? Let me tell you! Currently, her third tinkering of armor allows you to have up to 6 sides of clothing, right? Murmurs of agreement Well how would you like 10!?!?! That’s right, you heard it here first folks. Cheers and applause But wait! There’s more! Audible gasps This new tier will allow you to weightlessly carry your armor when it’s morphed into shirt form! Resounding cheers and applause Come on down to the Festival of the Fallen for your chance to win this rare tier.

    A barley audible voice quickly states, “Standard encumbrance restrictions still apply.”


  • Tart Lovers Anonymous IV/World Events, Festivals, and Storylines/Festival of the Fallen/view/328

    Stepping through the door to the smithy’s back room, the heat is stifling. Sweat runs in seductive rivulets over the voluptuous elven lass lying in a suggestive position on a bed of furs. Your eyes are drawn away from her ample curves to the white ora weapon lying beside her, heatless flames licking its length. As you stare longingly at the weapon a disembodied voice whispers, “T3, by Iasha.”

    OOC NOTE: Service will be for EITHER unlocking an existing T2 to T3 and making sure stats are up to snuff (making it 6x if it isn’t already) OR should the winner not own an Iasha, one will be created for them at T3 unlock with appropriate statistics.

    GM Zoelle

  • @sabotage Hot damn! I don’t even own Iasha but that seems nice, as does the elven lass. How much for the women?

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    tree fiddy

  • Platinum

    I wants my T2 upgraded!

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    Quote from GM Mazreth

    Looking puzzled, the sturdy looking elf asks, “Inch ants? What the hell are inch ants?” “Sounds like something found in the Maernstrike Caverns across the lake,” he continues. “No idea why anyone would ever actually pay for them. Nevertheless, we’ve got them too if you want 'em,” he asserts somewhat confidently. Scratching his head he frowns, “Now if I can just figure out how to get them on the weapons.”

    OOC NOTE: Some restrictions apply. +5 enchant ~ No weapons with crit weighting/padding over heavy (150 pts), no items with combat scripts, no naginata, the cost will vary based upon item’s properties. Items will only be allowed to have this service ONCE per festival.


  • The Obsidian Tower

    Quote from GM Mazreth:

    <<A little worried about this “auto enchanter” being a thing after all the nice enchanting

    “Otter inch ants? I ain’t never said nuttin’ about otters, only inch ants,” the sturdy elf says confusedly. “I gots no idea where you heard otter inch ants, but that’s a critter I’d run from,” he finishes with a bemused look on his face.

    OOC NOTE: Not sure where anyone got auto anything out of my teaser but I apologize for any confusion. The teaser was just a play on words and trying to be funny, apparently, it failed. This is a merchant service and there are a limited number of them going out.

    <<is fusion considered a combat script for this purpose? You mentioned padding so armor also?

    Fusion is considered a combat script and is ineligible for this service.

    <<Please reconsider eligibility for the auto-enchanter at 175 total services or less instead of 150.

    I will clarify this with Dev.

    <<Items, plural, ONCE per festival, indicating that you’ll be able to get more than just one item done.

    Let’s say Player A and Player B both won services. Player A gets his leathers done, Player B cannot get Player A’s leathers done a second time for him.


  • Through sheer density and poor reading comprehension, coupled with worst case scenario doom and gloom, I WILL get everything clarified.

  • Tart Lovers Anonymous IV/World Events, Festivals, and Storylines/Festival of the Fallen/view/346

    The blacksmith turned to face his ancient assistant who was tugging relentlessly at his sleeve. “I’ve something to show you,” the assistant stated. Following his worker into the forge, what greeted the blacksmith was an ingenious contraption. Sadly, it was also the most ungainly, unsightly, unusable piece of armor the blacksmith had ever seen. Standing precariously on a stand before him was a suit of full plate with numerous awl-pikes attached to it, through clever straps and brazed fittings, that jutted out at odd angles while threatening to topple the armor at any moment. Sighing to himself, the blacksmith muttered under his breath, “Why are you so old?” before stating aloud, “SPIKES, I asked you to add SPIKES to the armor.”

    OOC Note: A limited number of spike adding to armor will be offered at the Festival (method of selection will be determined at a later time).


  • Tart Lovers Anonymous IV/World Events, Festivals, and Storylines/Festival of the Fallen/view/345

    Bards be nimble, Bards be quick, Bards come to Vaalor, Bards make sonic weapons sick!

    OOC Note: A set number of sonic alterations will be offered at this year’s Festival. I hope to see you bards out there!


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    Someone has been watching despicable me

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    Quote from GM Kynlee: IV/World Events, Festivals, and Storylines/Festival of the Fallen/view/364

    Reaching into his leather bag, he pulls out a broken cog piece and distractedly taps it on the workbench several times as he stares blankly ahead. With a sudden gleam of inspiration, he tosses the cog back into his pouch and clears a space on the workbench. Pulling a shield to him, he grabs some dimly glowing tools and bends over, carefully manipulating the shield’s surface. After several painstaking minutes, a soft glow covers the shield as a perfectly spherical depression forms.

    A small elven child, twice the gnome’s height, runs in and breaks his concentration.

    “Grobey! Stop! Wait!” Screeches the small, yet taller, child with a very distressed look on his face.

    “What? Why are you bothering me? Can’t you see I’m trying to work? This is tedious!” Grobey’s jade green eyes flash with annoyance.

    “But this is important! I was told to tell you that you can only do one of those this time. Just the one! If you try to do more than one on a shield,” says the child, “your magic tools will asplode!” The child ducks his head and anxiously twists his shirttails.

    With a loud sigh, Grobey lays his tools down, reaches for a new shield, and says, “Fine. One it will be, then.”

    OOC Note: Grobey’s coming back and bringing his shields! However, they will only be available with 1 fusion slot. This is the only time these morphing shields will be available this year, so get them while you can!

    GM Kynlee
    Elanthian Architect
    Breaker of Things

  • The Obsidian Tower

    Quote from GM Kynlee: IV/World Events, Festivals, and Storylines/Festival of the Fallen/view/371

    Will he be adding his script to shields as well?

    Grobey will add his script to a few shields, but not to any with fusion. He’ll also do some unlocking, so if you want your shield unlocked, this is how to get it done! Come see the short guy!

    GM Kynlee
    Elanthian Architect
    Breaker of Things

  • Tart Lovers Anonymous IV/World Events, Festivals, and Storylines/Festival of the Fallen/view/375

    ask wizard about void
    "The void attracts, yes? Quite literally sometimes! Everything drawn to nothingness eventually. From dust to nonexistence." The wizard’s eyes roll back, replacing his orbs with veined whites momentarily, until a fit of coughing overtakes him. When he recovers, he continues, “I can imbue a weapon with the void so you may annoint your enemies with its blessing.”

    There you have it! The Auto Flarer will be returning for the Festival of the Fallen! Acid is SO last season, so we’ve replaced it with void/vacuum flares instead for your all-purpose needs.

    You’ve probably got questions, I’ll attempt to answer some of them off the bat:

    The Auto Flarer is limited to weapons +20 and below. (Yes, weapons only.) The attendant will refuse to work on anything over that. This has always been the limit.

    The attendant will refuse to work on anything with weighting.

    Runestaves are a-okay.

    UCS equipment is now eligible.

    You can use the Auto Flarer as much as you want, provided you can pay for each service! Costs are calculated on a per weapon basis, so I can’t really provide quotes.

    In general, scripted items will be denied. The Auto Flarer maintains a small whitelist of older scripts that are approved. In the future, we can (likely) tie this to the same mechanics at work in the Duskruin smithy to determine if an item is combat-worthy enough for a surcharge, but that is not something that will be ready in time for this run.


  • Tart Lovers Anonymous IV/World Events, Festivals, and Storylines/Festival of the Fallen/view/377

    <<How many Iasha unlocks will be offered?

    1 - T3 (distribution TBD) / 3 -T1<T2 (distribution TBD) / 1 - T1<T2 (games prize hopper)

    << Are there restrictions or specifically would Voln scripts be able to be added to the Duskruin Armors from April with the changes to Padding?

    I am efforting a definitive answer on this but do not have it yet.


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    This post is deleted!

  • Those are EG teasers I thought… not Festival of the Fallen.

  • The Obsidian Tower

    Yep. My bad. Moving them now.

  • Tart Lovers Anonymous IV/World Events, Festivals, and Storylines/Festival of the Fallen/view/459

    High end hopper teasers?

    You glance down and see a crimson-edged golden ticket in your right hand.
    read ticket

    This ticket entitles the bearer to have one million silvers worth of weighting or padding added to an item.
    This ticket entitles the bearer to one unlocking of an Iasha weapon from tier 1 to tier 2 only.
    Creaturebane weapons
    and more


    For Dagger Toss

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