• I was wondering if there is anyway to ever get the rt reduced in forging? I managed to make two perfect handaxes, that took a couple days, and some luck. Now I’m working on trying to make perfect longswords and the time it takes to craft the blades is even worse. With mithril taking 4 minutes a round, and the blade taking 5 rounds I’m only getting 3 done in an hour, this is going to take me forever.

    One thing I thought of to maybe fix this a bit would be to come up with a system to lower the round time each time you make a perfect. What I mean by this is, if every time you make a perfect weapon, you knock off a percentage of the overall crafting time for that particular weapon. I was thinking if you take 5% off every time you make a perfect up to a maximum of a 50% reduction. So if you manage to make 10 perfects you would then be able to make that particular weapon 50% faster because you would be more of an expert crafting it since you already made 10 of them.

    I don’t know how more people haven’t gone insane from this. Mad props to everyone that has done this.

  • I’m the way I am because of my forging character.
    “Gemstone forging made me the man I am today!”

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