Trade List - Bara

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    Trying to get organized, so listing current available items for trade on Bara here.


    • a crystal-domed blue scarab ring
      Zesty, 2x a day Unpoison/Undisease (change the color of the scarab to swap between the 2 spells), uses MIU, has a pretty nifty Loresong.
    • Poker dice
      AKA “Let it Ride” dice. Roll the dice and they randomly generate a poker hand instead of numbers.
    • golvern segment / rare moon for DR pendant
    • various lighten/deepen notes


    • Dhu kitten
    • padded brigandine.
    • war hammer with interesting flares or weighted
    • One of those instrument-displaying cases that will hold a tambourine.
    • Master-quality tambourine or tambourine that generates musical notes.
    • padded robes
    • Silvers

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    I’m still interested in your poker dice Bara!

    Although I don’t have anything still fitting for you on my trade list more than likely.


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    I think I had someone else mention they liked the dice, too - they seem popular!

    With EG coming up, I imagine more potential trades may come into play.

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    We are still waiting to see how EG plays out to begin with, with the tiers.

    Plus, there is also Festival of the Fallen next week!

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    Because I now have a Monk alt that I’ve grown rather fond of, I’ve added padded robes and cool UAC boots/gloves to the “Wanted” list. (Though she’s currently only L6 and can’t even hold 4x yet - but for the future!)

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    I will have some 2x hcp robes available in a couple weeks (since someone else is using them while I enchant), which I could also enchant up to 4x if you would want. Theoretically it could be more, but there would be a big delay for that.

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    @Q Crew
    Potentially 4x HCP robes would be something I’d be definitely interested in. Not a huge rush, either, as my Monk can’t hold 4x as of yet.

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    Adding “silvers” in the Wanted column, so I’ll be willing to take offers in silvers for some of the stuff I have. Because I want some more digging silvers for EG!

    FYI - I have Lich working now, so I’m usually on Bara, Hildegarde or my Hardcore alt Lucille. Email is The chat function here is a bit wonky, accessibility wise, so I’m forever worried I’m going to miss a message … so email or in-game.

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