Ores, Fragments, Shards, Stones, etc from DR

  • a blood red garnet chunk (2)
    a black opal fragment (2)
    a jagged white sunstone shard (3)
    a coarse grey moonstone shard (2)
    a splintered fire agate shard
    a white dreamstone sliver (2)
    a broken white opal sphere (3).
    a lump of vultite ore (3)
    a lump of imflass ore (8)
    a lump of gornar ore (3)
    a lump of mithril ore (5)
    a lump of kelyn ore (5)
    a lump of faenor ore (7)
    a lump of mithglin ore (4)
    a lump of veniom ore (6)

    a flat etched stone (3)
    "^–^" - Divine (Andelas; black cats)
    "^w^" - menacing
    "/o" - melancholy


    MB 1 coin

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