Logging out

  • Why do these forums seem to constantly log you out of them? Even when I click the box that says remember me, I’ve had to log back in almost every time I’ve come here. Heck, it’s even logged me out while I was reading threads.

    Other forums I am on I’ve rarely ever had to log in over the course of years.

    Is that a ‘feature’ of these message boards or is something going wrong?

  • Independent Crafters

    something else. I have logged into these forums… once per device. You might want to check if you have a privacy tool or something aggressively clearing cache/cookies.

  • Yes I have only logged on once in my phone and it sticks. My laptop will wipe all my saved crap so I routinely have to re log on with it

  • It’s just strange that this is the only website that does it (non-secure… sites like banking and such force you do login every time).

    And it didn’t just happen now… so it probably isn’t on my end. It happens in strange moments.

  • Silvergate Inn

    I think I’ve logged in once since I joined, both on my computer and phone.

  • Platinum

    Yeah…I havent ever been forcibly logged out. So its probably a you thing man.

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