Briarfox's items for sale or trade

  • Hand of the Arkati

    For Sale:

    1. Veniom Duskruin glamour pendant with Nature, Phoen, Continuance, etc. bloodrunes - 60m
    2. 8x, T5, lightly crit padded (10 services), moderately lightning-resistant, max-light hauberk with +3 health/stamina regen - 60m
    3. 5x/5x acuity unlocked orb staff - 11m
    4. 5x realms-flaring lor staff - 4m
    5. 30-slot chronomage sphere capsule - 3m
    6. 20-slot chronomage sphere capsule - 1.5m
    7. (2) Magic seed pouch - Produces 5 “magic seeds” per day that, when buried, each produce three pieces of a random herb (so, a pothinar plant grows three pieces of pothinar grass, each with multiple bites, etc.) - 20m each
    8. Ranged pieces for sale, all to bonus and crumbly unless noted: talisman (+4 ranged, +6 mana), clasp (+1 ranged, +2 hiding, persists), garnet necklace (+5 ranged, +3 CM bonus), copper necklace (+5 ranged), medallion (+2 ranged ranks). 750k per bonus or rank.
    9. Notes: a bright viridian note (+30lbs up to 180) for 2.75m, a bright blue note (+25lbs for up to 180) for 2.5m, and a light blue note (+25lbs for up to 160) for 1.75m.
    10. silver-hilted ora falchion (HCW (91 services), 4x) - 9m
    11. Thanot-hafted black ora war hammer (DCW, 4x) - 4m
    12. Gem-pommeled steel longsword (DCW, 4x) - 4m
    13. Imflass longsword (DCW, 4x) - 3.5m


    1. Ethereal armor deed, padding certificate, 2-3 unlock, and 4-5 unlock.
    2. Trueshot quiver
    3. Blessed bottomless quiver
    4. Dauntless self-charger
    5. 213 tinderbox

    Trade-Only List:

    1. 8x Lirion elemental longbow with permablessed and randomly flaring arrows, with 10 services of sighting
    2. 10x T5 max-light augmented chain with 150 services of crit padding and 10 services of damage padding
    3. 10x max-light hauberk with 10% slash/crush/puncture resistance (being enchanted) with 25 services of crit padding
    4. Ethereal armor waivers: T1, T2, and T4 DS
    5. Weightless coin pouch for 25k coins
    6. Mushroom with exploding spores (produces three spores per day, which when thrown produce an immolation wave; spores are good for 72 hours once produced, so you can stockpile them a bit)
    7. 7x fulls with 20 services of crit padding
    8. +50 ranged bonus and +30 dex enhancive set
    9. 7/200 25% weight-reduction, feature-concealing ClimateWear cloak
    10. 6/200 Skellie longcloak
    11. “Weary forester” Delirium Manor doll with permanent 10-min key.
    12. 100k bloodscrip
    13. 6x/6x T4 NerveStaff
    14. 8/180 auto-bundling skins knapsack
    15. 5-setting urglaes ring
    16. 1x/day 913 trinket
    17. 20x/day 410 trinket
    18. 20x/day 616 bone

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