Official: Upcoming Teras Citizenship Raffle

  • The Obsidian Tower

    Quote from GM Liia:

    I’m going to try something in the very near future. If it gets a good turnout/response, I’ll do more of it! Makes sense, right? Right.

    Be on the lookout for a raffle in the Citizens’ Lounge (in the Hog’s Pen) in the next couple days (I’ll post when it’s set up, just need to zero in on a time). I’m looking at a ticket cost of 150k, or thereabout.

    The prize will be 30 minutes one-on-one with a merchant. There will be no additional cost after that of the raffle ticket.

    Available services will be:

    General alters
    Feature alterations
    Enchant unlocking (obviously wizards only)

    This is basic stuff that any general merchant can do, but you’ll essentially be the only one in line if you win. How much/many you can get is based on what fits into that 30 minutes, so being prepared in advance is highly recommended. Review ALTER in game for rules, have a list of things you’d like in case something doesn’t fly, things like that.

    I hope this sparks some interest for you guys, and I’ll post the date of the raffle and drawing in the next few days!


    Gweneivia softly says, “Lavabombs are just the isle’s way of saying it loves you.”

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  • The Obsidian Tower

    Quote from GM Liia: IV/Towns/Kharam Dzu/view/2022

    This time, we’ll redeem the same night, immediately following the drawing. My schedule is a little bit unpredictable right now, so I’m going to set the raffle almost 2 weeks out to buy tickets and come up with ideas in order to give you all time to prepare.

    The raffle will draw on Thursday 9/28 at around 9pm ET. Expect the table to show up in the Hog’s Pen, Citizens Lounge today.

    I fully plan to offer this again if this is as well-received as it appears to be so far.


    Gweneivia softly says, “Lavabombs are just the isle’s way of saying it loves you.”

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