Spell preps for 306, 216 for other circles/spells

  • I have two finds that cannot be used by my guys. Open to sale but would rather swap for some other interesting spell prep.

    You analyze your glaesine ball and sense that the creator has provided the following information:

    This ball, if redeemed, will provide custom bolt messaging for the Holy Bolt (306) spell as such:

    You sling lancing arrows of pure divinity at a giant rat!
    Menos slings lancing arrows of pure divinity at a giant rat!

    The effect of this token is cosmetic. It does not increase the effect or damage caused by a spell. This item does NOT grant spell knowledge. REDEEMing this item assumes that you already have the ability to cast the spell natively, from a spell knowledge enhancive, or from a magical item.

    Invoking this thick parchment will grant you permanent access to a special method of preparing your spells.
    It will provide the following phrase:

    First Person: Reaching outward, you call upon the spirits of chaos to come to your aid and to empower your [Spell Name] spell.
    Third Person: Menos calls upon the spirits of chaos to come to his aid and to empower his spell.
    Hidden or Invisible: From somewhere nearby, a wild call for aid to the spirits of chaos echoes through the area.

    Can message me here, AIM at GS4 Menos or Menos in the discord chat.

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