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    Name: Tsin Adonnin Race: Half-Elf Profession: Rogue (not shown)
    Gender: Male Age: 134 Expr: 34008386 Level: 100
    Normal (Bonus) … Enhanced (Bonus)
    Strength (STR): 100 (25) … 100 (25)
    Constitution (CON): 100 (25) … 100 (25)
    Dexterity (DEX): 100 (30) … 100 (30)
    Agility (AGI): 100 (35) … 100 (35)
    Discipline (DIS): 100 (20) … 100 (20)
    Aura (AUR): 100 (25) … 100 (25)
    Logic (LOG): 100 (25) … 100 (25)
    Intuition (INT): 100 (25) … 100 (25)
    Wisdom (WIS): 84 (17) … 84 (17)
    Influence (INF): 84 (22) … 84 (22)
    Mana: 307 Silver: 0

    Tsin (at level 100), your current skill bonuses and ranks (including all modifiers) are:
    Skill Name | Current Current
    | Bonus Ranks
    Armor Use…| 302 202
    Combat Maneuvers…| 302 202
    Two-Handed Weapons…| 274 174
    Ranged Weapons…| 302 202
    Brawling…| 302 202
    Ambush…| 302 202
    Multi Opponent Combat…| 201 101
    Physical Fitness…| 302 202
    Dodging…| 403 303
    Arcane Symbols…| 155 55
    Magic Item Use…| 155 55
    Harness Power…| 201 101
    Elemental Mana Control…| 102 24
    Spirit Mana Control…| 102 24
    Survival…| 201 101
    Disarming Traps…| 403 303
    Picking Locks…| 403 303
    Stalking and Hiding…| 403 303
    Perception…| 428 328
    Climbing…| 201 101
    Swimming…| 201 101
    First Aid…| 201 101
    Trading…| 302 202
    Spell Lists
    Minor Elemental…| 71
    Spell Lists
    Minor Spiritual…| 30

    Name: Tsin Adonnin
    Profession: Rogue Level: 100
    Race: Half-Elf Gender: Male
    Age: mature (134)
    Date of Birth: 1/9/4983
    Clan: Ta’Faendryl
    He is of a middling height. He appears to be mature.
    He has ebon-striated milky white eyes and smooth alabaster skin.
    He has temple-shaved, bronzed sanguine hair partially pulled back over his ears into a topknot.
    He has a clean-shaven face, a thin-bridged nose and a left cheek-splitting scar.
    His chiseled jawline complements his rough features.
    Full citizen of Mist Harbor
    No House affiliation
    No MHO affiliation
    Master in the Order of Voln
    Grandmaster of the Rogue Guild
    Follower of Tonis
    Strongest foe vanquished: a large spider
    Most difficult lock picked: -1435
    Most difficult trap disarmed: -480
    Number of warcamps destroyed: 87

    Tsin, your Adventurer’s Guild information is as follows:
    You currently have 15856 unspent bounty points.
    You have accumulated a total of 5321916 lifetime bounty points.
    You have 24 expedited task reassignment vouchers remaining.
    You have succeeded at the Kill Creatures task 1093 times.
    You have succeeded at the Retrieve Heirloom task 1188 times.
    You have succeeded at the Procure Skins task 51 times.
    You have succeeded at the Procure Gems task 1696 times.
    You have succeeded at the Protect Traveller task 15 times and failed 2 times.
    You have succeeded at the Procure Herbs task 356 times.
    You have succeeded at the Kill Dangerous Creature task 1393 times.
    You have succeeded at the Rescue Child task 122 times and failed 22 times.
    You have succeeded at the Kill Bandits task 134 times.
    You have succeeded at the Help Kill Creatures task 41 times.
    You have succeeded at the Help Kill Bandits task 180 times.
    You are not currently assigned a task. You are eligible for new task assignment.

    The Settlement of Reim
    Current quest status:
    You are currently flagged for entry for up to the treasure room of the castle.
    Reim Fortress Defense
    Current quest status:
    Times Defended: 0
    Times Failed: 0
    Highest Round Completed: 0
    Highest Score: 0
    Total Contribution: 0
    General Information
    Time until next premium entry: You are ready to quest again!
    Your reputation rank with the Reim Base Camp: Ally
    Total Reputation: 10000/10000
    Total Quest Energy: 3000/3000
    Total Ethereal Scrip: 18027
    Total Ethereal Scrip for this run: 1000/1000
    You have slain a total of 6547 creatures within Reim.

    You currently have the following amounts on deposit:
    Four Winds Bank: 2927493
    Total: 2927493

    You are wearing a vaalin-laced keyring, a tarnished brass whistle, a wind-frayed silk gauze shroud pleated into thick folds around the neckline, a cord-wrapped ebon suede back sheath hidden against the small of your back, a loose sanguine linen shirt half-laced with suede cording, a blotched leather bladder, and some dark leather pants fettered along the sides with brass-buckled straps.

    l in shrou
    In the silk gauze shroud:
    Weapons [1]: an ice pick
    Armor [1]: an old vultite greathelm
    Magic Items [1]: an enruned black ora heart
    Clothing [4]: a green garnet inset platinum tiara, a soft leather ticket pouch, an eahnor-bound myklian scale badge, a malachite-set gold earcuff
    Special [10]: a superior wooden wedge, a large glowing orb, a brass and gold capsule with a glaesine dome, a slender steel needle (2), a plain porcelain mask, an alterer’s scroll, a grey-swirled coraesine orb, a deck of gold-foiled cards, an intricately painted tin carousel
    Misc [5]: a steel spring (5)

    a grey-swirled coraesine orb. Pure Corasine flamberge

    a tarnished brass whistle. Summons a living crate that has a lot of idle actions and replaces your disk.

    No fixskills. Must be a character transfer, no account takeovers on this one. Has the bonded pure corasine flamberge and bonded whistle that summons a crate as your disk. Black ora heart & Carousel from EG. Couple of enhances in there that boost lockpicking. Blotched leather bladder is the one that boosts perception and is a pickpocket protection. Tried to get all the info out there I could, if you have questions go for it.

    MB: $1800
    BO: Lets talk

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