Curse / Voodoo Doll

  • Hand of the Arkati

    a ragged cloth curse doll - MB: 20m

    Some great information here:

    This is the same thing that went out as a T6 pull this year, so buy your very own T6!

    3x/day you can attune it to another characvter and then PINCH or STAB it and see the target grimace in pain, etc.

    wave my doll at XXXXX (Lvl 1 waving it at a Lvl 100)
    That’s not a good idea. XXXXX could probably wipe the floor with you.

    wave doll at XXXXX (Lvl 100 waving it at a Lvl 1)
    Your doll shakes for a moment and then falls silent.

    pinch my doll
    You grab at the fabric of your doll and squeeze it tightly between your fingers. The doll glows bright red for a moment, then fades.
    XXXXX flinches as if something just pinched him!

    You stab the doll’s left eye with one of its accompanying pins, pushing it deep into the stuffing!
    XXXXX grimaces as he quickly grabs at his left eye!

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