Official: Gem Description Update

  • The Obsidian Tower

    Quote from GM Tamuz:

    Hey folks,

    A small number of gems have been updated to match our current QC standard. These changes are now live in all instances and will effect all future versions generated. Existing old stock will not be changed by this update.

    an iridescent piece of mother-of-pearl --> a piece of iridescent mother-of-pearl

    a hole-ridden hunk of pumice --> a hunk of hole-ridden pumice

    a chalky cube of feldspar --> a cube of chalky feldspar

    a round amber sea glass disk --> a round disk of amber sea glass

    a mist blue sea glass disk --> a round disk of mist blue sea glass

    a hazy red sea glass disk --> a round disk of amber sea glass

    a smooth green sea glass disk --> a round disk of green sea glass

    a mirrored orb of hematite --> an orb of mirrored hematite

    an oblong piece of nephrite --> a piece of oblong nephrite

    a shimmering nodule of marcasite --> a nodule of shimmering marcasite

    an irregular cluster of blue quartz --> a cluster of irregular blue quartz


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