Official: Lightening/Deepening Note Restrictions

  • The Obsidian Tower

    Quote from GM via the Officials: Haliste

    This is the current list of denials:

    Weight Reducing Containers
    Morphing Containers
    Dwarffest shield
    Smuggling Sacks
    Disarming Kits
    Feature concealers (this is mostly for a specific version of a feature concealer that is pinworn)

    I also want to clarify something about the deepening note’s functionality. If your item currently holds one item for a max of one pound (or ten pounds or fifteen pounds), then using a deepening note is only going to increase the poundage – not the max items. In addition, things with tiny or very small capacity are ineligible, regardless of the script approval.

    If a script has been denied to be used with a deepen note, it is also denied for use with lighten.

    ~ Haliste ~
    The Forest Gnome of Silverwood Manor
    SGM, Events

    Omrii: Okay, thanks Haliste. You’re way better than Wyrom.

  • The Obsidian Tower

    Quote from GM Haliste via Officials:

    If a container is set to only hold 1 item or 2 items (for instance, a hat - or a pair of gloves - or any number of other things) then it’s only ever going to hold what it was originally built as. The pound-limit will increase on deepens, but typically not the number of items. This is generally intended, since a hat is not meant to be storage in the same manner that a backpack is.

    In addition, there are some items that also limit the max weight of items being placed inside a container. Light/deep notes do not affect that value, either - same with live merchants.

    ~ Haliste ~
    The Forest Gnome of Silverwood Manor
    SGM, Events

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