Official: Grand Arts Gala Schedule and Information

  • The Obsidian Tower

    The Arts Gala will open this Friday night.

    The viewing pavilion will be set up on the Green. Player submitted IG art work was split into two categories, elven and non-elven. They each have their own room in the pavilion. They are both being judged.

    There will be a few small shops set up around the Green, but this is not really a merchant event, it is about the artwork.

    There was not time to have the items from the scripted contest coded, so there will be a shop opening at a later date with some of those items. I will announce winners from that contest on Sunday night here on the forums.

    A collection of paintings from Ta’Loenthra will open Saturday night for your viewing pleasure.

    There will be various npcs around to interact with.

    Below is a tentative schedule, I am still waiting to hear from one presenter and will add it as soon as I hear back.

    Event Date Time
    Welcome by Argent Mirror Myasara 11/10 9:00 PM
    Art exhibition 11/10 - 11/12
    Tutorial: Drawing 101 by Ysaeril 11/11 4:00 pm
    Ta’Loenthra Art Exhibit Opens, Presentation and Discussion 11/11 6:00 PM
    Gallery Critique 11/11 7:00 PM
    Symposium: Watercolors versus Realism: Dichotomy or Imaginative Interpretation? by Ysaeril 11/12 4:00 PM
    Art Show Awards by Argent Mirror Myasara 11/12 8:00 PM
    Art Auction 11/12 9:00 PM

    ~ Valyrka ~
    Dark Elves

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  • The Obsidian Tower

    Note that the times listed above HAVE been corrected as of Valyrka’s post at 6:05 AM November 9th

  • The Obsidian Tower

    This post is deleted!

  • The Obsidian Tower

    Quote from GM Valyrka:

    Shopping. I saw a tattoo shop, a henna shop, and a weaving store all located within a pace or two of the Museum.

    Those are the three shops I did open. There will be a shop coming at some point with scripted items you submitted. With Eg so close, I was not able to get them coded in time.

    I have some raffles to do today and some merchants to get out.

    The main pavilion is on the Green.

    The artwork was awesome and Ysaeril’s events have been fun. The rp has been amazing.

    Thank you to the players for a fun weekend.

    ~ Valyrka ~
    Dark Elves

  • Order of the Shadow

    Artwork featured in the exhibition are available at:'Illistim_Grand_Arts_Gala_2017

  • The Obsidian Tower

    Quote from GM Valyrka:

    Thank you to everyone who came out and participated in the event. The quality of artwork submitted was wonderful!

    I truly enjoyed rping with you all.

    The winning items were as follows!

    For the Elven art:

    a darkly inked forest scene
    Cast primarily in monochrome inks and watercolor, the scene depicted is one of a forest at night. Trees loom as dark masses, their craggy bark a sharp craquelure of smoky grey and ebon and their branches and foliage mere shadows against a sliver of watery, mottled sky. Subtly off-center, a thin bloom of color stands out against the surrounding gloom, a circle of painted illumination cast by a single guttering candle flame held aloft by a gnarled hand. The hand’s owner remains lost in darkness.
    Jossarian Silithyr Loenthra

    a narrow vertical painting
    The painting is narrow, vertical, and composed almost entirely of a massive cloud formation. Ivory, orange, blue-grey, and raw umber paint, applied in a scumbling technique, gives a puffy appearance to the clouds. Near the bottom, a plethora of pale yellow hashes, suggestive of wheat in a field, are painted at severe angles. The slim strip of sky beyond is pale near the horizon and darkens toward the top, in contrast to the richness of the image’s primary subject matter.
    "Autumn Comes to Sylvarraend, 5117"
    Lady Ysaeril Illistim

    a black ink-on-vellum drawing
    Framed in dark grey haon is an immodest scene of reposed and dancing elven silhouettes captured in black ink against an ivory background, their lithe forms accented with sepia shading as they cavort with one another. Touches of scarlet hint at wine and lipgloss, while faint silvery brushstrokes suggest wisps of cigar smoke.
    "Nalfein Bacchanalia, 4965"
    Tymian Bayvel


    a willow-framed painting
    A small, blonde-haired elven girl in an ivory frock is shown standing in front of a youth-sized easel. Before her stands a massive willow with a staircase encircling its trunk, though oddly, the steps begin far out of reach. At the top, a platform is just barely visible among the branches. The peak of Seethe Naedal is scarcely visible beyond the willow’s massive crown. Upon closer inspection, the painting is composed entirely of tiny dots in a broad range of colors.
    "Willow Observatory, 5117"
    Lady Ysaeril Illistim

    an oak-framed ravaged city painting
    Short, dense brushstrokes of grey and ivory pigments are layered to depict the ravaged stone architecture of a partially collapsed city. A silver-haired elven woman kneels nearly hidden amidst the wreckage of one of the buildings. Thin dabs of red hues trace cuts and bruises along her forearms as she assists in lifting a young blonde page from the rubble. Near the edges of the painting more people are portrayed, gathered together to help in excavating the area.
    "From the Wreckage"
    Lissaya Vaillancourt Loenthra

    Non-elvan Artwork


    a narrow black glazed cinerary urn
    Elegantly symmetrical in design, the urn’s narrow form is complemented by its tall, slender neck. Its surface washed in black glaze, gilded square tiles are set into the sides of the urn to create a geometric mosaic. Bright scarlet accents ring the tiles in an angular pattern that resolves in a series of wide bands. A peaked stopper, securing the urn at its flared mouth, is carved from spinewood in the semblance of a scorpion, its barbed tail raised skyward.

    a sand-filled cylindrical jar
    The large glass jar is filled with colorful sand woven into a never-ending landscape of a desert. When viewed from the front, a dark-skinned woman walks upright in a pale sunrise. Circumnavigating the piece reveals the same woman repeated, though the footsteps trailing her stagger irregularly as the uppermost reaches of sand change in hue to a burning yellow and then to fiery red. As apparent darkness sets in, the footfalls become more measured and stay that way until coming full circle back to sunrise.
    "Sand Road to Gathering (Native: “Zome-hozh ru Hujuura”)"
    Pharion uv Zhi-Zja


    a half-finished modwir panel relief
    Carved into a modwir panel, the relief depicts an antlered mountain deer, his ears perked and head turned to look past the viewer’s shoulder. Depressions traced onto the neck suggest well-defined muscles beneath a downy mane. Thin, curled flakes gather haphazardly around the relief’s edges and along the deer’s back, giving an impression of an unfinished carving, but at a closer look the flakes have been preserved and affixed to the relief to create the effect of the deer standing amidst falling leaves.


    a distressed wood-framed painting
    The painting is a monochromatic red and thoroughly distressed. It’s apparent the banshee depicted has one foot in the grave and the other in Luukos’s maw. Skin is shriveled upon its crooked frame and dark scarlet flames erupt from bloodied eye sockets. A few braids of chin-length, wavy hair cling to its rotting scalp, while a piece of barbed razern chain is affixed to the canvas as if fused to the bone of its right wrist. What’s left of the apparition is cloaked in a pitifully tattered robe.
    "Harith Caerines, Banshee of Mularos, 5117"
    Naamit D’Monica Durden Braggiani

    Thank you all again for a wonderful weekend!!

    ~ Valyrka ~
    Dark Elves

    This message was originally posted in Towns, Ta’Illistim. To discuss the above, follow the link below.

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