Enchanting your gear from 0x to 4x - no flares =)

  • have some gear you want brought up to 4x? Well I am trying to justify not locking up my wizard and enchanting seems like a fun reason to log on daily for that function at least!

    level 39 - 2x in MIU, AS and 40 ranks of EMC and 50 wizard ranks (30 MNE, 11 MJE).

    willing to work in the WL/IMT/SOL area for pickup and drop off. I will see if this is even something folks are looking for but currently I will charge 75k from 0x to 4x and am up to doing 4 projects. I don’t care if it’s one person with 4 things or 4 people with 1 thing. In the near future I will do higher projects but I gots to take care of #1 first =)

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