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    Quote from GM Konacon:

    On the sixth day of ESN, empaths gained the ability to transfer scars from other adventurers if they have 50 or more ranks of Mental Lore, Transference!

    For those who will point out that this is a steep cost for a lore that has no other uses: that is only temporary. Mental Lore, Transference is being introduced as a lore for those who want to specialize in healing and will have more uses to come soon!

    ~ Konacon

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  • The Obsidian Tower

    Q&A from GM Konacon:

    Will the chance for scar healing on 1100 healing spells Transference from Blessings? How about RT reductions from Transformation? Just pointing out that there are already two different lores for those who wish to specialize in healing, as my empath does.
    Yes please. 6 Lores is a lot to manage, even marginally. I would like to see buffs for 1102, 1103, 1104, 1105, 1107, and 1125 switched from SL: Blessing to ML: Transference. And a fixskills to go along with it, please.

    This is not likely to happen. As far as talking about the problems with too many lores and balancing lores, it’s probably best to wait until everything has come out to talk about whether or not too many lores are involved.

    Will transferring scars have the same experience benefit as healing fresh wounds?

    Transferring scars does grant experience, but not at exactly the same amounts as fresh wounds.

    ~ Konacon

  • What an amazing change, I’ve always thought it odd that this was not possible.
    Glad to see some much needed healing buffs.

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