pin worn white rabbit fur jacket enhancive detector

  • A white rabbit fur jacket
    weighs 3, holds 43

    very old school pin worn jacket with griffin pin enhancive hiding/detecting capabilities.

    The creator has also provided the following information:

    This rabbit fur jacket will hide any non-container, non-combat gear, non-scripted enhancives when RUBbed. RUBbing it again will reveal the hidden enhancive items. You can PULL any individual hidden enhancive to reveal it. WAVEing an enhancive item at the jacket will either indicate if it is enhancive if it is held or hide the enhancive if it is worn. You can LOOK or PEER at the jacket to see which items are hidden, or check your INVENTORY. TOUCHing the jacket will hone in on any empty enhancives you are wearing that are not hidden.

    This item has golden incandescence messaging. This item has no tiers to unlock.

    CB 15 million Bubba twice

    legacy item from the PC so updating both. will go once, twice, sold

  • updated with offer I received

  • This woulda been a good dress up gimmick outfit for my pocket watch…

  • 15m twice

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