6x/6x nerverot staff

  • Last count I may have one too many runestaffs and have considered selling this. It is a fully unlocked nervestaff, 6x with 6x acuity and rotlflares. It is also t5 ensorcelled and max light. I have linked some information if you want the details on it. And for reference, the starting price for a rotflare cert was 225k bloodscrip.

    This staff has four flares: rotflare, acuity, ensorcell, and the defensive/offensive nervestaff flare

    It is attuned.

    Willing to accept cash, bloodscrip, silvers or trades.



    Here is an example:

    You hurl a seething blast of steam at a dark-crested basilisk!
    AS: +589 vs DS: +299 with AvD: +44 + d100 roll: +9 = +343
    … and hit for 132 points of damage!
    Boiling stream strikes right arm! Steamed, not fried.
    The dark-crested basilisk wails loudly as it cradles its wounded right foreleg.

    ** A sickly green aura radiates from a cane-length helical lor scepter capped with smooth dark vaalin and seeps into a dark-crested basilisk’s wounds! **

    … 40 points of damage!
    Skull shatters into sharp spikes which are driven into the dark-crested basilisk’s brain.
    The dark-crested basilisk emits a final hiss and dies.

  • SOLD

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