Elanthian Fashion Week 5118

  • Elanthian Elegance

    I know it’s only January but I just wanted to put this out there so that interested parties can start thinking and planning.

    Elanthian Elegance will be sponsoring Fashion Week again this year and I aim to schedule it during July in the hope it avoids the busier pay event months. The last two have been a great success so I’m really hoping we can get even more groups/individuals involved this year. For those that have no idea what I’m talking about, you can see more on the GS wiki page and I will update it as the schedule comes together for this year. I also hope to hold the usual planning meeting in April and possibly another fundraising auction in May, so watch the calendar!

  • The Obsidian Tower

    Hello Rohese,

    The idea I had originally mentioned to you would fit well within this theme. Let me know how to coordinate with you at your earliest convenience.

  • Elanthian Elegance

    Discord is probably the easiest way to reach me, as you did before. I’m usually around between 2 - 5pm game time during the week; longer on the weekends (time zone differences and all that jazz). I look forward to seeing what you have in mind!

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