Official: CHE Annex in Cysaegir

  • Greetings CHE Officers,

    As you know, Cysaegir has access to the regular lockers in Ta’Illistim, but CHE members are not able to do the same thing. There is also no kitchen with carts, nor do houses have a place to gather. With GM Elidi’s blessing, I would like to remedy this!

    A CHE wing will be added to the upstairs of Rhyaesdid Hall in Cysaegir. Each CHE will be allowed to design one room that will be a locker annex room in Cysaegir. From this room you will be able to enter a locker room and access your Ta’Illistim lockers just like non-CHE members can.

    There will be no IP charge for this room. You may have a trash can, something to sit on, and three more objects (these could be a table, paintings, artwork, a fireplace (this would be two spots), or something similar). Just a nice room for your House to hang out in if they are in Cysaegir. You will also need to design a house specific curtain that will be inside and outside of your room.

    There will be a kitchen with food, drinks, and carts for use in house events. If you have food/drink that you would like to have added to the kitchen, you can let me know what it is and a location where I can find it in game.

    I would like your design by August 1, 2018 at the very latest. The earlier the better! Any houses lacking a design at midnight eastern on August 1 will get a generic room that you can then spend IP’s to update at your convenience with GM Elidi, just like you normally would.

    Minor QC changes will be made automatically. If there is anything major that needs a change, you be will contacted.

    Please include the e-mail and name of a member to be my contact member in case there is something I need to discuss with you.

    All submissions and questions can be sent to with the header: Cysaegir CHE Annex, <HOUSE NAME HERE>

    Thank you and happy designing!

    GM Valyrka

    ~ Valyrka ~
    Dark Elves

    This message was originally posted in Cooperative Houses of Elanthia (CHE/Great Houses), Interhouse Discussion. To discuss the above, follow the link below.

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