• Recent studies from the Masters in the Wizard’s Guild reveal new methods of storing mana into enchanting potions. Updates to INFUSE now allows a wizard to infuse the maximum mana for ALL doses in the container. When used, the potion will use up 95 percent per dose leaving the remaining infused amount for the next dose.

    Also, skilled alchemists in the guild discovered a means of infusing mana into enchanting potions during the creation process thus making them better suited for tempering items due to their crafted bonus. Master alchemists can now craft enchanting potions that will give a maximum of plus 5 percent temper time reduction.

    The alchemy crafted bonus is a separate bonus from the infusion bonus of the potion and it is calculated separately. First, the alchemy bonus is applied to the base temper time, then the infusion bonus is applied to the result.


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