Official: New Scroll System - Self Knowledge

  • A new type of scroll will be making it’s way into the game starting tonight. These new scrolls will work a bit differently than traditional scrolls. When a spell is invoked from them, they will grant the user temporary knowledge of the spell. This self knowledge window lasts a base of 5 minutes for buffs, and 10 minutes for offensive spells. Any spells cast off these spells can be cast infinitely in those windows, but buffs will fade when the window closes - meaning they will only last a base of 5 minutes. This base window can be increased to around a max of 60 minutes for buffs, and 2 hours for offensive spells through scroll infusion. These spells will be treated as native cast for spell burst and rift dispel. These scrolls should start appearing in the treasure system over the next few days.

    The intent of this enhancement is to add some diversity in the scroll system. It’s our intent that players will be able to use these to mix in some options into their hunting regimes - example having ewave an entire hunt, in addition we anticipate being able to allow more powerful options on these versions of scrolls than are traditionally allowed on their more permanent cousins.

    Scrolls can be identified over traditional scrolls by use of the READ verb- and seeing vibrant ink

    It takes you a moment to focus on the glittering palimpsest.
    On the glittering palimpsest you see
    (214) Bind in vibrant ink
    (115) Fasthr’s Reward in vibrant ink
    (212) Interference in vibrant ink
    (105) Poison Resistance in vibrant ink
    (114) UnPoison in vibrant ink
    (1712) Spirit Guard in vibrant ink

    Knowledge of spells will be shown in spell active
    spell active
    You currently have the following active spells:
    Knowledge - Bind … 0:09:58
    Knowledge - Spirit Guard … 0:04:17

    -Buffs from these scrolls are self cast only
    -They will work with scroll infusion, but scroll infusion will only boost the Self Knowledge window duration, spells will still only get one Invoke
    -These SK scrolls won’t replace traditional scrolls, they’ll supplement the original type.
    -You won’t be able to use them to make imbeds
    -You won’t get dispelled by rift mechanics / pop due to spell burst while the buffs last
    -These spells will benefit from the generic CS/spell rank system released last year


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