Official: Chainspears QoL Updates

  • I’ve spent some significant time with chainspears and giving them some much needed quality of life updates. Here are the bullet points.

    • They can now be enchanted to 8x. Keep in mind, if your chainspear has a partial enchant, once it is over +35 it cannot be enchanted.
    • The PULL roundtime has been reduced to a maximum of 3 seconds.
    • The shaft will function for parrying (since polearm users likely parry with the shaft regardless).
    • The chain can support rare materials for alterations.
    • It will now transfer all properties properly to the spear head (creaturebane, ensorcell, weighting, etc).
    • It should properly track bonding and sanctifying (if killed via PULL, it will not track that).
    • Line breaks and a few typos were cleaned up.
    • There is now a comprehensive ANALYZE.
    • The shaft can be fully altered (this was always possible, but instructions are now clear).

    With this update, there are some growing pains.

    • The spear head (after it’s hurled) cannot be fully altered anymore (ANALYZE has the details).
    • Chainspears have proper ensorcell and enchanting penalties due to the nature of the combat script.
    • Chainspears come with a 1200 Premium Point surcharge.

    If you notice anything wonky, please post it here.

    Wyrom, PM

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