High End Goods

  • Find me in game as Alastir
    Or on Discord as: Alastir#9661

    an octagonal veniom medallion

    • “Opals” gem-eater
    • Casts 219, 202, 107, 101 using opals.

    a long slender black katana

    The katana is long and improbably slender, with a gentle curvature featuring a lethal edge. The blade maintains a smooth, well-oiled state and the material gleams in a continuous flow with changes of the ambient lighting. Reflections caught against the blade blur and snap into focus when the wielder is no longer in motion, the details caught in a background of mirror-like black. A thin octagonal guard separates blade from grip, which is bound tightly with black leather in a diamond pattern.

    an enruned veniom band

    a golden domed band

    • Call Familiar Ring
    • Offers an assortment of unique familiars.
    • Call a unique, specific kind of familiar without the need for talismans.

    The top of the band contains a well that brims with some strange, clear liquid. Just beneath the surface, you can barely discern the image of <familiar>.

    a brass and gold capsule

    • Chronomage Capsule - Auction Quality

    The brass and gold capsule is divided into two halves, with the top portion being crafted from glaesine and the bottom portion wrought from brass and gold. Through the transparent glaesine, nine chambers are exposed inside the capsule, each detailed with a miniature replica of the cities and towns across Elanthia. A glowing ring surrounds the chamber for Kharam-Dzu currently. It appears that the capsule can hold 100 Chronomage spheres in each chamber. An enruned opening is situated between both halves of the capsule. The brass and gold capsule contains 29 brass and gold spheres in the Kharam-Dzu chamber.

    rub caps
    You gently rub the side of your brass and gold capsule, causing both halves to seperate and reveal the contents in each of the chambers.

    Wehnimer’s Landing: 30
    Solhaven: 30
    River’s Rest: 29
    Zul Logoth: 30
    Ta’Illistim: 28
    Ta’Vaalor: 29
    Cysaegir: 30
    Kharam-Dzu: 29
    Icemule Trace: 30

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  • This post is deleted!

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