Ta'Illistim: Sticks and Snow?

  • Rolling the stick in his hand, an ancient elf dictates to a young boy.

    “It seems to come from a fir tree of sorts. Not smooth…” He pauses by the desk and looks over the boy’s shoulder. “Yes, excellent formation of your letters, you are improving.”

    The boy looks up with a smile, “Thank you Artificer Yavred.”

    “Now,” Yavred continues, “After preliminary testing, we can conclude that the purpose of this magical artifact is to amplify the mana of the user.”

    “Artificer,” the boys blurts out, “Can you explain what that means?”

    “Of course, it means that it allowed the user to control and perform stronger magic than they normally could without the item. I have also concluded that the result of the spell would also be magnified.”

    Yavred smiles at the boy. “It means someone with your fledgling skills could cast a powerful spell, and the results would be more powerful than perhaps I could cast. Not an item to be taken lightly.”

    The boy’s eyes widen has he nods slowly.

    Yavred walks over to a shelf and pulls an ancient text. He opens it and turns to a page marked with a string, “Here, this text mentions such items, but I have never touched one like this until now. Please add this to the parchment. I believe this to be sylvan in nature due to the material it is crafted from, and the type of spell it seems to enhance, but of course more study will be done and every finding catalogued for future reference.”

    Closing the book, Yavred tousles the boys hair, “Now, on with you to the kitchen. Cook has a bit of sweets for your efforts today.”

    The boy carefully puts down his quill and closed the inkwell before standing and bowing. When Yavred nods, he scampers out the door.

    Smiling, Yavred turns the stick over and thinks to himself, “If a small boy can control the weather, what could a master of the elements do?” He sits at the table and begins to pen a letter.

    “Argent Mirror…” his quill scratches.

    ~ Valyrka ~
    Dark Elves

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