Ta'Illistim: An Ivory Parchment Stamped with the Seal of Ta'Illistim

  • The 21st of Koaratos 5118

    Baron Dunrith Malwind of Vornavis
    City of Vornavis, Turamzzyrian Empire

    Baron Dunrith Malwind,

    My name is Lady Sayilla Javilerre Illistim. I came to your fair city as an envoy from Argent Mirror Myasara Illistim to help Lady Rohese Bayvel-Timsh’l with the relief efforts from the Shining City. I respectfully request a meeting so we can discuss the particulars of a working relationship between Vornavis and the Shining City, to further discuss the means in which we can offer aid and supplies, and make use of the resources for which we have expertise with. We appreciate your consideration in allowing us to aid to those in need.

    I have taken rooms at the Solhaven Inn, and any response can be send there in my name.

    Thank you for your attention to our request.

    Lady Sayilla Javilerre Illistim
    Envoy of House Illistim

    ~ Valyrka ~
    Dark Elves

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